July 18, 2005

Things to be Happy About

  • Finally captured the millipede that was on the cathedral ceiling.
  • No spiders today.
  • No wasps today.
  • No silverfish today.
  • The humidity is really good for the basil plant.
  • My AC is up & running (68 degrees indoors, 92 degrees outdoors)
  • Highlights yesterday. I have rejoined the ranks of the hair-fabulous:

  • No junk mail today.
  • Extra whip on the mocchacino without having to ask.
  • Elimination: free & clear!
  • Diet: 85% Healthy, green.
  • Water: 4 glasses.
  • Iced Tea: 7 glasses.
  • Neighbor boy not angry tonight; all is quiet.
  • No firecrackers next door yet--but it is only 10:30.
  • Crusty thing on toe not fungus from salon, but injury from poorly fitting shoe so...
  • Pedicure tomorrow!
  • 7 more weeks of summer vacation.

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