July 10, 2005

Possible Unpleasant Discoveries in My Bed

An earwig

biscotti crumbs

A pile of regurgitated carrots and a vague memory of a drunken crudite binge

My boss

A spider like the one I photographed outside

Hosni Mubarak

My landlord

An empty Jägermeister bottle

A millipede



A feeding tube, and it's 2017


The Everglades said...

Oh my god I hate spiders. More so than anything else. Snakes I can handle. The 9-5 I can handle. But not spiders--especially the one you pictured.


BadGod said...

The feeding tube, that's funny. If I may add one, how about finding me. (that scares alot of women, oddly happens after finding the Jager bottle.

Spinning Girl said...

Heh heh! ps that spider was ON MY HOUSE.

Johnny Menace said...

An empty Jägermeister bottle.. now that show accomplishment. Frame it.