July 18, 2005

(after a quick channel surf) It Just Occurred to Me That...

  • Tom Cruise needs to shut his mouth. I mean literally close it (never mind figuratively shut it, which is a rant for a different day)--every picture I have seen lately (and you can't turn one way or the other without seeing him, even if you try to avoid it) has that huge, wide-open, shifted-front-teeth maniacal smile. Please, a close-lipped smile, Tom.
  • Britney Spears should think about some midriff coverage when her belly button pops out (turkey's done!) at month 7.
  • Why am I subjected to views of Paris Hilton (and her panties) wherever I look? I do not know her, I never even heard of her until last year, and now she is everywhere. I am not interested!
  • Ditto Jennifer Aniston.
  • Ditto Katie Holmes.
  • Ditto Brad Pitt.
  • Ditto Julia Roberts until about a year ago, then she semi-vanished. Alleluia.
  • Just ditto.
  • Why do I even know these people's names? They don't know MY name; we were never formally introduced.
  • I don't want to tune out entirely and live in a box, but I'd like a little more power over the imagery that I'm barraged with. I'm not seeking these people out, yet they are in my house. Against my will!
  • People who don't understand me will think I envy the celebrity lifestyle. Ohhhhhh, nay. I resent being subjected to a constant stream of crap.
  • I don't watch "entertainment" shows that spew celebrity gossip, but somehow I can't avoid them because their advertising gives a 15-second synopsis of all the stories I'll be missing.
  • I'm going to set my remote to skip all channels except the few I really enjoy, like Nature and Discovery and History and Travel and Food. That might help.
But then...I won't know how much weight Kirstie Allie has lost, and I do need to keep track of that.


midwest_hick said...

lol....too many people obsess over celebrities.

BadGod said...

I for one think we need more Jennifer Aniston. I love her nipples. Not in a perverted way, I just really like 'em.

Johnny Retail said...

Spinning Girl. I hear you! I'm interested in learning something, having something make me laugh, or whatever, as long as I get something from it. Today, options are watching Trump plug his businesses and partnerships, watching Jessica Simpson making millions acting like an airhead, Sureal Life, Simple Life, American Idol, Canadian Idol etc. It's nuts! I think bloggers should be the ones making the millions.

I just feel these show producers take us for idiots and it's scary because I'm one of the idiots that keep watching in hopes to find something worthwhile.

Thank God for blogs they are real and very entertaining. Thanks for giving me entertainment Spinning Girl and letting me vent on your blog :)

Spinning Girl said...

Vent away.