June 02, 2005

Used Hack, Look Thee Away: Clash of Titans Continues!

BOBI has posted his answers to the first five Lord of The Rings questions, and given me 5 questions in turn. Here follow my answers and a preliminary allocation of BOBI's points. Final tally for Round I shall be posted after we fight about it a few times and somebody cries. At that point we shall decide if we want to continue the game, or throw up.
  • Round I: Beginner ("Hobbit")
1. Upon leaving Lothlórien, each member of the Fellowship is given a gift. When Galadriel asks Aragorn what he would desire at their parting, he says to her, “Lady, you know all my desire, and long held in keeping the only treasure that I seek. Yet it is not yours to give me, even if you would; and only through darkness shall I come to it.” Just what the heck is he talking about? (Be specific)
  • BOBI's Answer: (R) Arwen.
  • SG: Correct. Arwen, Galadriel's granddaughter, lived for many years in Galadriel's home. 2 points!
2. What gift does Sam receive, and what does he do with it?
  • BOBI's answer:(R) A grey box of dust which he uses to refertilize the Shire.
  • SG: Correct; however, I think it's important to note that he also received a mallorn seed, which he planted & which grew into a gigantic tree. Since I didn't ask for so much detail, 2 points!
3. Who is Celebrían, and what happened to her?
  • BOBI's answer: (R) Celebrian (still no accents, dammit!) is Galadriel's daughter. She received a poisoned wound from Orcs and even though she was healed, she chose to remove to the Undying Lands.
  • SG: Correct, Galadriel's daughter and also Arwen's mother. I had to double-check your answer because I thought she was killed by wolves or something. That must be somebody else. 2 points!

4. Who are Hasufel and Arod?

  • BOBI's answer: (I'm going to ask for a 4 point question, because I knew who Hasufel was, I swear!)(.5R) Hasufel is the young man (boy by some reckoning) that Aragorn comforts before the Battle of Helm's Deep. Arod is the horse (Arod="swift") given to Legolas/Gimli by Eomer.
  • SG: While I embrace the idea of the 0.5 (R), your answer for Hasufel is incorrect. In the movie only, I believe a young boy named Haleth (Halef?), son of Háma was portrayed at Helm's Deep. Hasufel and Arod are both horses given by Éomer to Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas when they first meet in the Riddermark. 1 point!

5. After the War of the Rings has ended, and life has returned to normal, Pippin marries and starts a family. What does he name his firstborn son?

  • BOBI's answer: (R) Faramir Took I.
  • SG: Correct! 2 points!
BOBI's preliminary score for Round I: 9 points



  • BOBI's Questions for Spinning Girl

1. What is Fatty Bolger's real name?

SG: Fredegar Bolger.

2. Which Ring does Galadriel possess?

SG: The Ring of Adamant, which I think is called Nenya.

3. What is the southernmost region written on the map of Middle-Earth? (Third-age Edition)

SG: This, I totally need to look up. I want to say Harad, but I don't want to lose all possible points so I will now consult my trusty map. OK, I say (R) Harad.

I am filled with disgust, yet delight at my own self.

4. What are the words for "One Ring" in the tongue of Mordor? (bonus point if you ever bothered to memorize the entire poem in "Mordorish")

SG: Ash Nazg? Guessing. I'm not gonna try for that bonus, something about Gimbatul, Krimpatul, Tutus, or something.

5. What was the area/city/land ruled by Thingol called?

SG: I don't even know who Thingol is. To the books! OK, (R) Doriath? However, Sir, if I may reference The Rules for a moment: While it was established that [Questions may cover any time period in the history of Middle Earth, Ages I-III. Pre-creation questions are just annoying], by pulling a question from so early in the First Age, you are treading dangerously close to that line. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Watch it, Red Wood-Elf.

BOBI may now accept or debate his points, allocate my points, and then we'll see if we hate ourselves too much to continue. I'm starting to really make myself ill, so I might need to stop after one round. {Enthusiastic applause from the readership}


Sleep Goblin said...

No no! I love it! I'd hate to make up questions, but guessing for myself and then reading the answers is fun.

Just to double check, LOTR is all the third age, right? So are ages 1 and 2 all in the Simarillion?

B.O.B.I. said...

Ahhh SHEEIT, I TOTALLY THOUGHT I KNEW HASUFEL! I should've rethought it after looking up Arod. Responses to questions coming tomorrow because as I stated in my e-mail, I'm drunk. I'm not entire sure how I'm typing right now because I can't feel my hands.

Harry Yak said...

drunk? ok i'm calling you rite now, or is it wright now....hmm then again maybe it's right now. so many rights can be wrong.

Harry Yak said...

oh boy you realy are drunk! you make my laugh big o

B.O.B.I. said...

Well, Yak, I try.

I think.

I try and think.

Spinning Girl said...

Wake up, boys! It's time to go to church!

Used Hack said...

I'm glad you posted other stuff. :D

Anamika Anyone said...

Now I HAVE to start reading JRR!

jamwall said...

i totally dug clash of the titans solely because of the naked chicks and that crazy medusa character!

B.O.B.I. said...

Dammit, Jamwall, everytime I see that avatar I want to go watch the skit.

::grumbles and trudges off to the living room to put in "Best of Christopher Walken"::

jamwall said...

you got a fever!