June 01, 2005

A Clash of Titans ... Sort Of

This day marks the start of a challenge heretofore unseen in all of Blogland. You, the reader, will be privy to an epic event for several posts (until we get sick of ourselves, and you of us). Two unfathomably geeky Tolkien minds will meet to determine, once and for all, who is the bigger Dork…of the Rings.

Oh yes, we all saw the movies.
Some of us have read the books ... once.
Some have read the books more than once.
But who among us has read the books every year for 20 years and also in Estonian?
There is only one.

Oh my god, I am such a weenie. Gross!

On the one side: BOBI (a.k.a. Beren the Brawny): Redheaded, amber-eyed, goofy, cerebral, brilliant, passionate, mercurial, quick-witted observer of Life’s oddities.
On the other side: Spinning Girl (a.k.a. Lúthien the Fair): Moth’s-wing-haired, ocean-eyed, self-involved, charming, funny, poetic, deeply sensitive, Flintstone-footed gatherer of souls and hearts.

Now, The Rules:

Each round will consist of 5 questions, to be posted on the first Titan’s website.

Questions may be drawn from any Tolkien text at hand, including online sources.

Any answer that has been researched in any way must be designated by (R) for “Research”.

Titans shall adhere to the confines of the Honor Code for using the (R), being both of high scruples.

Questions may cover any time period in the history of Middle Earth, Ages I-III. Pre-creation questions are just annoying.

  • The opposing Titan must post his/her answers on his/her own blog.
  • Non-Titan Readers of either blog may post their guesses as comments, but if the Titans use these guesses as resources, these answers must be designated by (R).
  • Use of the words "Liv" or "Tyler" in any answer immediately ends the game by forfeit.
  • If one of the Titans has issue with a question, that issue shall be taken up with the writer of the question, and thoughtfully considered by said writer.

  • Points will be earned as follows:
    5 points for correct, un-researched answers.
    3 mostly/partly correct (as determined by the questioner) un-researched answers.
    2 points for correct, researched (R) answers.
    1 point for partially correct (R) answers
    (0 points for incorrect answers of any kind)

  • Player who posted question has sole power to determine an answer’s correctness, but of course heated debate is welcomed.
  • The player with the highest score after three (3) rounds (more or less depending on if we even feel like doing this, and how much our readers hate us) shall be crowned his/her Supreme Highness, Dork of the Rings.
  • Don’t worry, BOBI, I’ll keep score … ‘cause I know that type of thing is tough for ya.
  • Ready?
  • Begin!

Round I: Beginner ("Hobbit")

1. Upon leaving Lothlórien, each member of the Fellowship is given a gift. When Galadriel asks Aragorn what he would desire at their parting, he says to her, “Lady, you know all my desire, and long held in keeping the only treasure that I seek. Yet it is not yours to give me, even if you would; and only through darkness shall I come to it.” Just what the heck is he talking about? (Be specific)

2. What gift does Sam receive, and what does he do with it?

3. Who is Celebrían, and what happened to her?

4. Who are Hasufel and Arod?

5. After the War of the Rings has ended, and life has returned to normal, Pippin marries and starts a family. What does he name his firstborn son?

I love slash loathe myself at this moment.

BOBI, post your answers within the next few days (we're nothing if not flexible) on your blog.

Good Luck, and sorry for posting such ridiculously easy questions to start—I didn’t want to burst your bubble just yet. Eww, that sounds dirty.


Sis B said...

Oh, Spinning Girl, you and BOBI make my little heart go pitter patter! I, too, have read LOTR every year since I picked them up for the first time--although that was a mere fifteen years ago. I also took a course in college that was based around them and taught by an amazingly hobbitish professor who would stop in the middle of class and say things like "isn't this just beautiful?"

Have a great time with your contest and I will enjoy trying to answer the questions before you two post yours.

Sometime I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.

Getting There said...

I'm sure you have a copy in english to compare, right Spinning Girl? I suppose I might be able to answer a few questions but I know I wouldn't hold out long in this clash of the titans. Good luck to the both of you on your quest!

My word verification: pockzm? A new viral outbreak in Africa?

aughra said...

Awh, you are such a nerd. I love it.

Incidentally, I'm linking to you.

Danius Maximus said...

and on the second day you were added to the new pop out menu. Feel honored.

getting there is half the fun

TinaPoPo said...

You guys are too cool for school. And cute.
Good luck with your contest!

JJ said...

Does it hurt my chances if I never read the books and haven't seen more than part of the first movie? I have hairy toes if that helps.

Justin said...

Wow, this is...wow, this is...wow. Ahem...

UberGoober said...


And that wasnt a snot bubble ref, was it. (R)

Used Hack said...

Good luck, but I will stay clear for a few days. LOTR is on my list of things to write about ... and since you read my blog, you know what that means. :)

word-veri: vzvfikm

Heather said...

I know them! I know them! I should so be a part of this contest. I could smote you both.


thedeepend said...


He's either talking about peace or his love for Liv Tyler :P

Sleep Goblin said...

Holy Crap! That's it.. I've been lazy up to now, but I'm linking you right this moment. I was a late comer to the world of LOTR, but I LOVE the books, and also the movies. I had a fantasy literature class in college that was so awesome.

I love you.

Wasn't it sad that the ending didn't play out in the movies quite right? I need to read the Simarillion...

RitMeyer said...

That is awesome. We must embrace our inner geek, that is good. I could start a babysitters club or sweet valley high contest on my blog. Yep, I read em' all. At least with lord of the rings, it takes more brain power to read. Good luck!

Cass said...

Spinning Girl...I changed it. I found this cute little pic. Whaddya think?

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Holy Shit!

I can't do that. You, my new Interfriend, are too freaking much. I mean, I thought I was a nerd, but out nerded by a girl? I gotta go cry.

Sleep Goblin said...

Pfft! Girls make the best nerds!

canis lupus said...

Alrightee then, and here I was thinking I was the biggest nerd for reading the Dune sequels and prequels and pre-prequels (twice). Alas, I am humbled. I salute you gladiator.

Monkey said...

Use of the words "Liv" or "Tyler" in any answer immediately ends the game by forfeit.

Hee hee hee. I shall watch from the spectator area with glee.

Aginoth said...

good questions....think I know 4 of the 5

babyjewels said...

haven't read the books or seen the movies - so I'm just stopping by to say hello.

austinizer said...

you crazy. daddy like. stop by the ohwee for some friday fun.

FRITZ said...

I already got fired for my big mouth, so I'm gonna sound off some more and put my foot in my mouth.

I read all three of the books. While appreciating the metaphors of each and liking some of the characters, overall:

I give the series a C.

I know. Everyone has lost respect for the unfortunate, jobless Fritz.

More on that later: like: hmmm. Did the crime fit the punishment?