June 03, 2005

Clash of Titans Round 2: "Wielding My Staff"

Round I ("Fingering My Precious") of the Lord of the Rings competition has come to a close. The score stands as follows:

BOBI -- 9 points
Spinning Girl -- 18 points

FAYAI*: Two of my favorite readers are hating on this contest right now; but like all quests, it must be followed through to the end, no matter the cost.

  • Round II : Intermediate (Eldar)
  1. What is the full name (3 words) of the great Eagle that rescues Gandalf from Orthanc?
  2. What item(s) did Sam find hardest to throw away when lightening his load as he neared Mount Doom?
  3. What name do hobbits give to any old items that they cannot bring themselves to throw out?
  4. Azog, an orc, kills Thrór in Moria and severs his head. What word does he brand on Thrór's forehead as a message to all of Dwarfkind?
  5. Who describes him/herself as Eldest?

BOBI will now post his answers at his leisure, at Poopypants.com. BOBI will take the spanking, and dutifully ask for more. We are only halfway, people! Rejoice!

(* For All Y'All's Information)


Monkey said...

BOBI will take the spanking, and dutifully ask for more.

Now see? This is why I'm addicted to this blog. Hobbit fascination or no. It's still a ripping good time.

Monkey said...

Can't resist:


Pig Spa

Serena said...

I love this blog.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Nerd alert. Nerd alert.

Warren said...

Yeah we all know LOTR is way neirdy but at the same time we all love it. Man there's this fly in room that keeps buzzing around my head. Its been in here for like two months. How does it manage to stay alive?

kimberlina said...

"fingering my precious?" sounds kinky to the max! bring it ON, sistah!

Coz said...

I turn my back for a second and your blog turns into a LOTR quiz show. I loved the Lord of the rings series and all, but I never read the books and scripts as bedtime leisure. This only makes you more my soulmate.

Sleep Goblin said...

Whoa there SpG.. you're getting soulmate requests! That's heavy stuff!

You know how sometimes answers are on the tip of your tongue, but they just won't come?? That's how this round feels...

Chark Hammis said...

mM head is all spinnin. I grew up reading the lotr stuff and these questions made me wet my pants in shame.

Sis B said...

I'm loving the contest and some of the questions are humbling me, which I find completely astounding. Wish I could find my books in the millions of boxes I haven't upacked from my move, so I could look up the answers in true geek fashion.

Harry Yak said...

"wielding my staff"

"fingering my precious"

lord of the "naughty" rings might be a more appropriate name